About Us - Outfiters Fitness


Why are we called Outfiters? – Well, it’s because we specialise in outdoor fitness!

Outfiters was created due to a growing demand for new and exciting outdoor workouts using modern equipment that you would otherwise find in a gym. Many of the outdoor fitness classes you will see elsewhere are based on traditional old-school bodyweight exercises like burpees, mountain climbers, push ups and air squats. While these bodyweight exercises can be useful in basic fitness regimes or military bootcamps, we felt that introducing a range of modern equipment like kettlebells, battleropes, bosu balls, medicine balls, resistance bands, boxing pads, VIPR tubes, and Agility Ladders, would give people a quality full-body workout while keeping things varied and fun at all times.

Our Personal Training and Group Training sessions cater to all ages and fitness levels. Our client profiles range from young fitness fanatics looking for a new experience, right up to middle and older age clients who are looking to maintain or even start a fitness regime for the first time. Whatever you’re age or fitness level is, it doesn’t matter – everyone is welcome at Outfiters. We will give you all the training you need to stay fit and healthy always.

Our primary base for Personal Training and Group Classes is on Wandsworth Common and Spencer Park. We also do private personal training on Clapham Common and are looking to expand to other areas within South West London. Further to our activity on the commons we also do private home visits for people who wish to train in their home/garden.


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